How it works!


The value of Oxygen in the healing and life process is a double-edged sword. We have a tremendous need for oxygen to live, but it must be closely guarded by our anti-oxidant systems to prevent damage to our own bodies. Now there is a way to elevate your blood oxygen without confining and expensive hyperbaric chambers, or a risky IV needle dozens of times. The HOCATT (Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy) experience will be a relaxing pleasant session that employs up to 8 modalities at once, while your therapist closely monitors your systems through the computer screen you also can view.

Each essential oil steam session saturates your skin and blood with ozone and oxygen, which will aid in destroying stubborn infections and breaking down toxins that have inhibited your quality of life. You will also get RIFE and color frequency therapy, accompanied by penetrating far infar-red heating. After the session completes, you will be given a dosage of highly absorbable Glutathione to clean up the residue of the oxygen reactions.

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