What are ketones?

Ketones are a unique fuel our body uses under certain conditions, such as starvation, extremely low carbohydrate intake with concomitant high fat intake, and in certain stages of some diseases, like diabetes.

Our body burns fuel (usually sugars) with the oxygen from our air, food and water, to produce the energy we need to move, heal and survive or thrive. When we don’t have adequate oxygen, or when sugars are depleted, we turn on the ketone pathways.

The benefit of taking exogenous ketones is that none of the above scenarios have to occur! You simply mix the ketone powder containing the proper ketone called BHB, into water. Usually one drink per day can put you into the energy state of mild ketosis. We suggest you check your urine for this ketosis state to decide if the ketone powder dose needs to be increased or decreased.

Now, why do we want to be in ketosis?

  1. The nerve system will always prefer ketones instead of sugar. If it needs sugars, it will make them from the ketones. Any disease of the nerve system, including trauma (concussion), infection (viruses), degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, Autism, to name a few, will benefit from the ketone fuel. The brain is generally more focused and calm in ketosis.

  2. Weight-loss will always occur easier in ketosis.

  3. Overall healing of any trauma and most auto-immune conditions can better repair and heal in ketosis.

  4. Athletes get better strength and endurance in ketosis.

How long can we stay in ketosis?

The nerve system is essentially capable of being in ketosis indefinitely, especially in today’s toxic stressful world. The rest of the body will want to go back to full sugar burning when not needing to heal or repair itself, or have any toxins to eliminate, or any stresses on it. In other words, it too will want to be in this state more times than not.

Is taking exogenous ketones expensive?

When considering the cost of quality clean, home prepared food today, the ketone drinks will decrease your overall caloric urges by making your body get more miles per gallon (think diesel fuel vs. gasoline for cars). Therefore, you will make up the cost easily every month, and more, by this food savings. The health benefits will likely decrease your other supplement needs!


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