What our Patients are Saying

Left to right: Euvgeny Marchenko, Karie Seehorn, Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin, Nadia Stone, Dr Denito
2004 Olympic Gold Medalist Carley Patterson with Dr Denito

"A story we would like to share is how you helped our son Benjamin with his Asthma. We started coming to Dr. Denito when Ben was 5 years old after Dr. Denito had given a presentation at Ben's school where he said he could help asthmatics without the usual drugs and breathing machines. Ben was taking a couple of drugs already. His doctor, after several close calls to the emergency room with severe asthma attacks, wanted to start him on a breathing machine. Since he already had trouble eating and sleeping with the drugs he was on, we did not want to add another drug to his system. We decided to give Doctor Denito a try and thank God we did. He was able to help Ben control his asthma without any drugs, just a couple supplements when needed and regular adjustments. It was wonderful. He is now a healthy 34 year old with no asthma issues. He also learned the importance of chiropractic care and still frequents a chiropractor in California where he now resides. Thank you Dr. Denito!

Thanks for your advice and help throughout the years in many different situations of body and Mind." -
Ray & Islea T. (Allen, Texas)

"Just the best! Been seeing Dr. D for over 25 years, and can’t say enough good things about him and his staff. Don’t know what I would do without his great care!" - Jerry A. (Plano, Texas)

"Dr. Denito has been more than a chiropractor - he is a genius! As his patient for over 10 years, I would not consider going to anyone else in the local Dallas area. He is thorough, detailed, and efficient with his diagnosis and always spot on with his technique and recommendations. We all need to be concerned as to what we will do as patients when he decides to reitre! God bless Dr. Denito" -  Donna L.B. (McKinney, Texas)

"It was a wonderful experience. It was my first time and I’ve become a lifelong client. My back felt so much better instantly. Dr. Denito is really fun and provides excellent customer service." - Ana-Paulina G. (Mesquite, Texas)

"Dr. Denito has been very helpful in managing my vertigo issues caused by misalignment in my neck.  He always takes a holistic approach to my health and as any issues come up he is able to address them!" - Anne K. (Allen, Texas)

"Dr. Denito has restored my faith in the medical profession as a whole. I've been visiting him for 3 years; rare visits at that - as evidence of his winning approach to health. I had never previously visited a chiropractor or other doctor that had a similar approach to addressing my ailments naturally. My first visit lasted an hour and ended with him providing a list of foods to avoid, natural supplements to take, and specific stretches to do. My inflammation and joint pain almost disappeared within two weeks. I can't recommend Dr. Denito and his staff high enough. BEST chiropractic master I have been to. Always can count on Dr. Denito to fix my ailments. Great healling practice!" - Brian R. (Princeton, Texas)

"Had a great first time visit! He was well educated and I felt very comfortable. I will be back! Looking forward to healing." -  Miranda G. (McKinney, Texas)

"I have been seeing Doc for 25 years and bring my blood work to him. Thus he has been setting up all my supplements. Seeing him regularly has always really helped my overall health. In conclusion Doc is the best!" - David M. (Forney, Texas)

"I was able to walk in for this visit.  Dr. Denito has saved me from getting back surgery." - Jean A. (Allen, Texas)

"Dr. Denito has taken my husband from an immobile, depressed, complaining man in pain to the smiling love I have always known!" - Kate C. (Allen, Texas)

"Always feel so much better when I leave!   Overall, my body is in much better shape since I have been a patient here!" - Gina L.  (Lucas, Texas)

"I’m in the best hands; wise ,compassionate, thorough… So grateful for this Doctor." - Karin B. (Allen, Texas)

" Dr. Denito is amazing!  He pairs his expertise in chiropractic care with his knowledge of nutrition to provide more comprehensive health solutions.  I’ve been a patient for over a decade and I couldn’t live without his adjustments. " - Kristin S (Richardson, Texas)

"Love Denito!!! His passion for health and wellness are truly amazing. He takes so much time with his patients and truly cares. So glad he is here." - Carrie R (Allen, Texas)

"Dr. James Denito has been my chiropractor for a decade and a half. I’ve found no better doctor in N. Texas. His gentle manipulation methods don’t stress your muscles and tendons. He’s a wealth of wisdom and knowledge." - Joshua S. (McKinney, Texas)

"Dr Denito has provided excellent care from fixing a Thoracic Strain from work to baseball related injuries such as a dislocated ankle and assorted muscle strains. Each visit has been handled in a professional and personal matter. I have been visiting Denito for 15+ years and would strongly recommend everyone to utilize Dr Denito’s care." - Shane P (Arlington, Texas)

"I am thankful for the Doc and our relationship through the years.  I am always able to get relief when I need it.  Thanks Doc." - Anthony M. (Plano, Texas)

"I am always amazed at how much my back, joints and neck experience relief after being treated by Dr. Denito. " - Maria M. (Frisco, Texas)

"Thank you for your healing hands!" - Denise M (Plano, Texas)

"If I can’t have the best, I prefer to go without. If I can’t see Dr. Denito, I don’t go to a chiropractor."  - Elvira N (Plano, Texas)

" Dr.Denito is the Best Chiropractor! He has helped so many people and changed many lives! My health has changed for the better since coming to see him many years go! He’s influenced me to change my nutrition and health supplements and I am truly grateful, He is a total blessing!" - Xanthy S. (Farmers Branch, Texas)

"Best chiropractic hands & instincts around! Healed my son’s ear infections with 2 visits, has helped our whole family with many issues through the years! Thanks Doc!" -  Jill M. (Sachse, Texas)

"Dr. Denito can fix anything!" -  Chris T. (Garland, Texas)

"Dr D is absolutely wonderful and has been doing my body maintenance for years. We need to take care of our bodies like our cars. We need to do regular maintenance on our bodies as we do for our cars.. Forever Grateful, Thank You Dr. D" -  Rhea D. (Plano, Texas)

"Dr. Denitois simply the best there is. Besides being incredibly gifted, he's also extremely generous and continually exeeds our expectations. My husband and I have been coming to him for over 15 years and are beyond grateful." -  Elizabeth H. (McKinney, Texas)

"Dr. Denito is the most awesome chiropractor in the  world. He’s one of a kind!

I heartily recommend him!"  - Rosemarie S. (Plano. Texas)   

"Dr. Denito is always wonderful and keeps me walking and moving comfortably on a daily basis!" - Jackie B. (McKinney, Texas)

"I gave him a challenge today, and he busted through like he knew what he was doing. I feel like I always do after seeing him. Like a new and better person. He upgraded my supplements and I can’t wait to see the results. Thank you, Dr Denito." -  Kristy D. (Allen, Texas)

"Dr. Denito is a wealth of knowledge.  He has been a God-send to our family of 7 in helping us through health issues which most other doctors were clueless about.  Thank you and God bless." - Lynda D. (Plano, Texas)

"Excellent service! Had a long distance overseas flight which caused neck and back discomfort. Much relieved." - Elizabeth B. (Plano, Texas)

"As always, since I've been coming here forever, Dr. Denito has many amazing suggestions to make my life better." - Jean A. (Allen, Texas)

"Dr. Denito has helped me whole family for years. He is amazing, si intuitive to the problems in our complex bodies, especially mine! Thank you Dr. Denito for your dedication and commitment to our health!" - Sheryl K. (Plano, Texas)

"I've been using Dr. Denito's service for over 20 years and I don't know what I would do without him. He is a gifted physician and has always been there for me, and has healed all my ills when none of the medical doctors could help me!" - Bonnie D. (Keller, Texas)

"Been seeing Dr. Denito for over 25 years. Don't know what I would do without his marvelous care! Simply the best chiropractor around. I have referred many of my friends and family to Dr. Denito, And they have been so thankful. Thanks so much to Dr. D and the entire team!" - Jerry A (Plano, Texas)

"Good adjustment! Feel some relief to my shoulder pain already! Thanks Dr. D!" -  Isela T. (Plano, Texas)

"Neck crack felt great!" - Aden P. (Allen, Texas)

"Dr. Denito has provided excellent care from fixing a Thoracic Strain from work to baseball related injuries as a dislocated ankle and assorted miscle strains. Each visit has been handled in a professional and personal mateer. Ihave been visiting Denito for 15+ years and would strongly recommend everyone to utilize Dr. Denito's care!" Shane P. (Arlington, Texas)

"Extremely satisfied with the results of today’ s treatment.  Dr. Denito is the best and most qualified in his field of any chiropractic office I’ve ever visited."  - Tom D. (Plano, Texas)

"Another great adjustment and consultation; Dr. Denito has more knowledge than any D.C.M. I’ve ever known." - Joshua S. (McKinney, Texas)

"Denito is the best!" - Gino M. (Allen, Texas)

"Dr. Denito has helped me numerous times figure out what imbalances I have. He takes his time and is very thorough. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He can help!" -  Sterling P. (Melissa, Texas)

"Very long time patient. Alwyas helpful, enlightening, and effective for my health and well-being. It's always most appreciated. 
Sidenote: Dr. Denito kept me from herniated disc surgery 17+ years ago, when the neuro-surgeon was ready to operate!" -
Bill P. (Wolf City, Texas)

"Always feel better after an adjustment and consultation with Dr. Denito!" - JD M. (Lucas, Texas)

"I've been treated by Dr. Denito for more than 20 years. It began as the result of a car wreck but after I was released from that, I realized that regular adjustments kept me feeling better and healthier. I couldn't get by without the treatments now!" - David F. (Carrollton, Texas)

"Dr. Denito is a fantastic doctor!" -  Wanda M. (Justin, Texas)

"Dr. Denito is incredible. I feel fantastic after every vist. Thanks Doc! - Ester M. (Forney, Texas)

"Dr. Denito is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. He has taken care of me for 16 years and he has kept me in good health the whole time. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a chiropractor and a health advisor." -  Jeane J. (Wylie, Texas)

"Dr. Denito is the best! He has been helping me for over 5 years and he is wonderful! I won't go to anyone else! He truly cares about his patients. - Sarah F.

"Dr. Denito is very knowledgeable about the whole body and takes time to care for his patients. The staff is very friendly!" - Brenda C.

"Dr. Denito taught me that the key to a healthy body is through living a healthy lifestyle" - Hazel R. (Melissa, Texas)

"Not only did Dr. Denito lovingly and compassionately guide me through the cancer maze to a now 12 year holistic cure of stage 3 breast cancer; but over the past 18 years he has also treated all five of my now adult children, and over half of my eight grandchildren! Dr. Denito's insatiable thirst for knowledge or "finding out", and his equally passionate desire to lead, teach, and equip others to how to have an abundant life make him THE go-to doctor in the DFW area." - Debbie V. (Savory, Texas)

"I can find no words that can express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for me, my family, my friends, my animals, and the many others who you have helped and kept healthy throughtout the years.

Your integrity, passion, brilliance, and keen understanding of how the human body works is a rare gift that you have been kind enough to give all who have sought you out. So the most simple and yet complete words that I can think of are THANK YOU!

Bonnie D.

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